• Looking for challenging problems to work on, always looking for something new to learn.

Professional Experience

  • Tech Lead Data Platform @ UnderArmour Connected Fitness. - SanFranciso, CA - Jan 2017 – present

    SRE for the Data Science and Engeneering team. Data pipeline, engineering optimizations, and intelligent feature generation using spark, hive, airflow, python, elasticsearch, kafka and cassandra. Monitoring best practices and infrastructure for the data pipeline.
    Continued development of our UACF system and application metrics system.
    General technology experimenter, fixer and teacher.

  • Lead DevOps Engineer @ UnderArmour Connected Fitness. - SanFranciso, CA - http://www.myfitnesspal.com
    January 2014 – Jan 2017

    Creator of in house system and app metrics system (https://github.com/wyndhblb/cadent) in Golang. Server configuration management and deployments with Salt and python. Infrastructure architect in the land of AWS. Management of many terabytes of data on many hot DB systems. General fixer and debugger of a large microservice based application.

  • Co-Founder/CTO GabMoney, Inc. - Emeryville, CA - http://www.gabmoney.com/
    April 2013 – January 2014

    A startup focused on advertizing.

  • Consultant - WorkBook - Beverly Hills, CA - http://www.workbook.com/
    July 2013 – 2015

    Assisted with the technological merger and integration of Dripbook's services into Workbook's portfolio of services, and continued development of dripbook.com.

  • Co-Founder/CTO - Dripbook - Emeryville, CA + Austin, TX - http://www.dripbook.com/
    May 2007 – 2015

    A place where commercial visual artists can have an easy way to promote their work online. Duties included feature development and implementation, code development, server infrastructure and data design, as well as customer service and support. Extensive application Python (Django), Javascript, SQL, ActionScript, Amazon web services, CSS. Dripbook was acquired by WorkBook on July 2013.

  • Director of Technology - Pictopia - Emeryville, CA
    May 2003 - Feb 2010

    Streamlined interfaces for multi-tiered business systems. Developed systems to automate the creation and analysis of financial data. Automated all aspects of product and information management by designing data and financial structures. Managed a distributed network through troubleshooting and assembling hardware and software. Created web applications to interface with 3rd party e-commerce structures and image distribution systems. Developed the inhouse image database for image matching, search, de-duplication of the large newsfeed image distributors. Retooled the infrastructure into the cloud. System Specs: Perl, Python, MySQL and Java.

  • Co-Creator/CTO - Sound of Mind - Emeryville, CA

    Produced, authored, and designed community based audio art collaboration site giving public radio back to the public.




  • May 1998
    • Carnegie Mellon University (University Honors) Pittsburgh, PA
    • Bachelor of Science, Physics (Department Honors)
    • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry (Department Honors)

Technical Skills

Experienced In:

  • DevOps, Product Management, User Interfaces, User Experience, Customer Service, Data Management, Numerical Physics, Software Development, Web Applications, System Administration.

Programing Languages (in proficiency order):

  • Python, GoLang, BASH, SQL, Scala, PHP + Javascript (if I have to), Perl, C++, Mathematica, Matlab, Obj-C


  • Salt, Nagios, Graphite, Statsd, Hekad, Spark, Hive, HAProxy, Nginx, Percona, MySQL, Mongo, Redis, Kafka, Zookeeper, Celery, Django, Git, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Cassandra, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, jQuery, YUI, BASH, SSH, Markdown, Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS), OSX, Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, etc), BBEdit, Memcached, SQUID, Lightthpd, Apache, Nginx, ImageMagick, FFMpeg, Photoshop, Illustrator, Zendesk, Google Docs, Quickbooks, Excel.


  • Graduate Research Assistance, UC Berkeley 1998-2003

    Developed novel high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques for molecular structure determination and development of a fast C++ NMR simulation and modeling tool kit.

  • Undergraduate Research, Carnegie Mellon 1996-1998

    Synthesis and structural determination of the first cube of water (H2O)8.



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